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About Us

Freedom For Us All is about bringing likeminded people together who are not afraid to see the world for what it is and the efforts need to protect our Freedoms.  We are a movement that supports one another in the fight to protect our future generations.  We seek to gather for events, natural healing circles and survival skills training. 

We feel the urge to provide a safe place for freedom fighters to unite and organize movement towards a more free society. Our primary motivation is to establish medically  informed consent as determined by our ancestors of the Great Wars, and the human rights that coincided.

Support this global movement by sharing our media and promoting our products in our online store.  Support FREEDOM FOR US ALL! 

Be a part of the FREEDOM FAMILY and help promote natural and spiritual healing with Mother Earth. We feel the need to bring society back to the basics,  living as one with Father Sky, and Mother Earth.

We are preparing a healing place with sweat lodge, teepees, sand beach and camping for events.

​Thank You For Supporting Us

And may our Father Bless us ALL